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Management Team

At Lifeguard Wealth we place a high priority on client service and satisfaction. Below are the team members that will take care of you. 

headshot of Joe Delaney
Joe Delaney

Founder, Managing Director & “Financial Lifeguard”

What are your greatest wealth goals? During Joe’s 35+ years as a financial professional, he has likely encountered and addressed similar challenges ...

headshot of Allen Regan
Allen Regan

Financial Planner

Allen’s interest in finance began at ten years old, when his grandfather began giving him old copies of The Wall Street Journal. His interest in helping others with finance started at the same time he took those old copies to school...

Kaylie Headshot
Kaylie Baird

Client Services Manager

As Lifeguard Wealth's Client Service Manager, Kaylie focuses on efficiency and the overall client experience. She works behind the scenes keeping every step of our wealth management process running smoothly and ensuring each client's experience reflects the care and attention they need.