Strategic Alliances

Independent Insights, Collaborative Care.

To fortify our wealth solutions, Lifeguard Wealth collaborates with a select network of professional providers while remaining fiercely independent as we serve our clients’ highest financial interests.

Buckingham Strategic Partners – Lifeguard Wealth is a proud member of Buckingham Strategic Partners, a comprehensive wealth management platform that delivers practice support and management services engineered to free up an advisor’s workday so they can spend more time helping clients achieve their dreams of financial prosperity.

Fund Managers – For constructing client portfolios, we typically turn to several fund managers who have been pioneers in developing disciplined, evidence-based investment strategies. These include Dimensional Fund Advisors, AQR, Blackstone, Stoneridge, Cliffwater and Vanguard. However, as our clients’ fee-only, fiduciary advocates, we receive no compensation for recommending one investment over another. Whenever we feel a different investment is in your highest interest, we will recommend it.

Schwab InstitutionalSchwab is a recognized asset custody leader and currently our preferred account custodian. With your permission as our client, we establish a limited power of attorney to manage your accounts on your behalf. However, you remain in control of your accounts, held by a custodian who reports directly to you.