Doing Right by Us 

Giving Back

Lifeguard Wealth believes in giving back to our local and global community; we encourage those around us to do the same. Here are some of the non-profits we proudly support.

Conservation Corps North Bay

Joe joined the Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB) as a board member in 2021. CCNBs mission is to develop youth and conserve natural resources for a resilient, sustainable and equitable community. Joe and Lifeguard Wealth will be supporting this outstanding non-profit for many years to come.

Lifeguard Wealth Client Charity

In 2018 we adopted a new practice for holiday donations. Every holiday season, we ask our clients to choose a charity they would like to support. Lifeguard Wealth then writes a check to the requested charity, which receives the donation in the name of the client. It’s been fun to learn about all the non-profits our clients are passionate about. Some of the charities we’ve supported over the years include:

North Bay Dry Land Institute

Joe Delaney founded (2013) and Lifeguard Wealth sponsors the Marin based North Bay Dry Land Institute, a speaker series profiling local athletes, medical experts and leaders who come and share their lessons for living a healthy active lifestyle. All proceeds from these events go to the speaker’s charity of choice. Recent charities benefiting from this sponsorship include: Shark Stewards, American Red Cross, Marin YMCA, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Inside Circle, and many others.

Marin County Outreach Programs

Closer to home, Joe Delaney is on the steering committee and Lifeguard Wealth is a charter member of the 100+ People Who Care: Marin County, a giving circle of like-minded philanthropists dedicated to supporting Marin County nonprofit initiatives through semi-annual contributions and other initiatives.