Why Lifeguard Wealth

Why Lifeguard Wealth?

With the strength of a nationwide network of advisors at our back, Lifeguard Wealth is at heart a boutique firm where clients are family. Our priority is you. We encourage you to dream about what your life could be, and then work hard to make that vision a reality.

We’re your Financial Lifeguard.

You’ll feel as safe as a day at the beach.

Before his 35 years of experience as a financial advisor, Managing Director Joe Delaney was a Southern California lifeguard whose focus was the safety of the people in his care. That remains our focus today—the people in our care, not just their assets under management.

When we’re your Financial Lifeguard, you’ll experience:

A true fiduciary partnership

that prioritizes your best interests, even ahead of our own

Fee-only service with transparent pricing

and no conflicts of interest

Evidence-based investment advice,

not emotional and behaviorally-biased “hunches”

40 years of knowledge and experience

shared with you in a spirit of collaboration

Passionate professionalism

from a team that loves having the chance to make a meaningful difference in your life

Life Planning

We only have one life to live, why not make it the best it can be?

Welcome to the family.

Don’t be surprised if you quickly feel like less of a client and more of a friend, a member of the close-knit Lifeguard Wealth family. Our team will soon become familiar faces as we set to work creating a unique Life Plan for you, customizing our service to your unique needs.

Get the family treatment.

While honoring your values and dreams with the utmost respect, Lifeguard Wealth applies decades of wealth management experience to handle your Life Plan with care. What we provide is the sense that you’re not only in good company, but highly capable hands as well.

Experience the 4 C’s

  • Competence = Simply put, we know what we’re doing.
  • Convenience = You’ll find it’s easy to work with us.
  • Coaching = We’ll help you every step of the way.
  • Continuity = Our passion is to see your best life and legacy realized.

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