Wealth Transfer

Estate Review and Support

Designing your Life Plan begins with you—a compelling vision for your personal future—and ends with what you envision for others. A complete life planning process involves setting in motion the proper management and transfer of your wealth to loved ones at your journey’s end.

Exploring Your Values

What do the days after a life well lived look like for you?

Family is a powerful motivator to drive estate planning forward. You may also want to leave behind a generous charitable gift, or ensure the business you’ve built remains strong for the sake of your associates and employees. Your values drive our wealth transfer conversation.

Building a Plan

If you were to die or become incapacitated tomorrow, what would happen next?

The answer to this question is often more questions. Without a clear, written plan in place, your friends, family and perhaps business associates will have to make difficult decisions that you might not agree with. It’s always best to make those decisions yourself in advance.

Your Life Plan should include answers to questions like:

  • Who manages your wealth if you die?
  • Who makes financial and health decisions for you if you are incapacitated?
  • How do you want your wealth distributed in the event of your death?
  • Who maintains ownership and control of your business?
  • Is documentation in place to ensure your expectations are met?

Digital Estate Planning

With Lifeguard Wealth as your fiduciary partner, you will benefit from support for Everplans, a digital estate planning tool to help you prepare for the unexpected. This service is available at no cost to our clients.

Your “Everplan”

  • Stores your important documents, passwords, precious mementos and more in a secure, cloud-based digital archive
  • Provides customizable access to the people you trust the most to manage your archive
  • Securely delivers your digital assets and personal messages to the people you designate in the event of your death or incapacitation

Click “Start Here” below to request an introductory 15-minute, no-commitment Everplans consultation.

Your Financial Lifeguard will help you finish well.

Estate Planning Support

As your fiduciary partner, Lifeguard Wealth helps you think through your values and envision what you want the transfer of wealth to look like. If we determine that proper documentation—wills, trusts, power of attorney, etc.—is lacking, we connect you with estate planning advisors you can trust. Our oversight ensures no obstacle stands in the way of your Life Plan, including the smooth and tax-wise transfer of your wealth to the next generation.