Wealth Protection

Insurance Review and Oversight

Future events that could potentially threaten your wealth stability put the realization of your dreams at risk. Our life planning process includes putting in place the proper safeguards to mitigate that risk and protect your Life Plan.

Comprehensive Insurance Review

Are you properly prepared for financial setbacks and liabilities?

Though you can never completely eliminate risk in wealth management, we can utilize insurance to keep risk within tolerable margins. We perform a comprehensive review of your policies, including life, disability, long-term care, home, health, liability and more to make sure you’re appropriately covered.

Our analysis may determine:

  • For example, You have outgrown policies that should be expanded, increasing your home insurance coverage after an expensive renovation.
  • For example, Your insurance policies should be repurposed, shifting your life insurance into long-term care coverage as you approach retirement.
  • For example, There are policies you would benefit from adding, commercial liability insurance for a new business.
  • The cost of some policies outweigh the risk and should be downsized or dropped.
  • High cost annuities may warrant a 1035 tax-free exchange to a lower-cost version (when it makes sense to still hold them).

Ongoing Analysis

As we move through your Life Plan, what adjustments do we need to make?

We check in with you regularly to determine what new obstacles could threaten your plan as well as what obstacles are no longer applicable. This process ensures your insurance coverage is always right-sized for your needs.

Live your life. Let your Financial Lifeguard worry about your wealth.

Conflict Free Advice

Lifeguard Wealth provides insurance oversight only. We do not sell anything or earn comission of any kind. We are not insurance brokers and have no business relationships that create a conflict of interest. As fee-only fiduciary advisors, you can trust that any advice we give regarding your coverage is solely in your best interests.

Wealth Preservation Advocacy

When it comes to insurance, it can be difficult to distinguish between fear-based and logic-based decision making. We provide clear-headed analysis of any policy you intend to purchase and stand beside you throughout the buying process to ensure you are neither oversold nor undersold. Together, we’ll keep your coverage properly aligned with your Life Plan.

Trust wealth enhancement to your Financial Lifeguard.

Real Estate Know-How

We leverage decades of experience in real estate to welcome clients who hold real estate assets. If you have significant real estate holdings, you will benefit from our deep understanding of the role of real estate in a diversified portfolio. As a fee-only fiduciary, we will never compel clients to sell if we believe their overall asset mix is appropriate.

Fiduciary Partnership

With Lifeguard Wealth, you will benefit from a true fiduciary partner that will always act in your best interests. We do not sell securities, insurance policies, real estate or any other product to or on behalf of Lifeguard Wealth clients. Our focus is solely on helping you live your best life.