How It Works

As an evidence-based investor, you’ll have the peace of mind to know you can weather financial storms.

You’ll benefit from our uniquely broad view of financial markets. We draw from years of peer-reviewed academic evidence that provides historical context, and then build a portfolio for you that anticipates the market’s expected returns while managing related risks.

Evidence-Based Investing Looks Like

  • Portfolio construction based on years of peer-reviewed academic evidence
  • Evidence-based preference for low-cost globally diversified mutual funds
  • Efficient capture of the market’s expected returns
  • Effective risk management over time based on pre-set tolerance
  • NOT hyperactive stock-picking based on the latest fad or piece of “expert” advice
  • NOT targeting asset classes that add cost and concentrated risk in pursuit of short-term gains
  • NOT frequent trading in a high-risk attempt to “beat” the market
  • NOT pushing the boundaries of risk tolerance based on emotion

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