Wealth Enhancement

Evidenced-Based Investing, ESG, Tax Diversification, Retirement Planning and Smarter Money

Your best interests are at the center of our smart approach to wealth enhancement. At Lifeguard Wealth, we utilize our experience and technology to thoroughly review your tax situation, employ an evidence-based investment strategy and help you stay on track toward a fulfilling retirement.

Evidence-Based Investing

Investing shouldn’t be considered an art. It’s a science.

At Lifeguard Wealth, we prioritize protecting your financial future above all else. We don’t chase after the latest high-risk fads in hopes of quick returns. With historical evidence as our guide, we work patiently and diligently to help you attain your most important life goals.

What is Evidence-Based Investing

The evidence-based model is defined by low costs, acceptable risk, and long-term success.

In contrast to attempts to “beat” the market with frequent, high-cost trading, your portfolio will work with the market over time. This approach lowers your costs and risk to maximize your wealth enhancement potential and protect your financial future.

  • Smoother return consistency as trading is based on best practices, not emotion
  • Lower fees as trading is less frequent and calculated for the greatest overall impact
  • Tax efficiency is prioritized as part of a long-term strategy to maximize gains

ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) Investing

Do your investments reflect your values?


We offer a suite of investments that allow clients to invest with confidence knowing that they are making an impact with their investment while not giving up the potential for long-term growth. Whether it is a targeted SMA (Separately Managed Account) or ESG focused ETFs we have a solution for you that will match your values and long term goals.

Are you concerned about our planet? You can make a difference through your investing strategy. ESG investments make an impact by prioritizing companies that get high marks for their performance on environmental, social, and governance issues.

  • ESG funds are on par with non-ESG portfolios today and can even outperform them
  • Your investments in ESG-focused companies incentivize good corporate citizenship
  • You can build wealth on a foundation of investments in keeping with your values

Tax Diversification 

Are your investments optimized for tax efficiency?

Our tax efficiency planning tool will quickly and accurately assess your most recent federal and state tax returns. Armed with this information, we can do a “what if” tax analysis to recommend tax-wise planning strategies. Our goal is not to pay less taxes in any one year but pay the least amount of tax over your lifetime.

Retirement Planning

What do you expect life to be like in retirement?

We feed all the variables of your financial picture into our retirement simulation tool to determine how realistic your plan really is. Then, we set to work overcoming the obstacles that could stand in the way of achieving the retirement of your dreams.

Smarter Money

Is your cash working for you or your bank?

As a Lifeguard Wealth client, we will connect you with Flourish Cash, to optimize your cash so it is working for you and not your bank.

Flourish Cash

  • Easily allocates money in your checking and/or savings accounts to banks that offer some of the highest interest rates available.
  • Keeps your money FDIC insured by ensuring the amount in each account is within coverage limits (up to $4M for a joint account).
  • All within an easy to use interface.

Trust wealth enhancement to your Financial Lifeguard.

Real Estate Know-How

We leverage decades of experience in real estate to welcome clients who hold real estate assets. If you have significant real estate holdings, you will benefit from our deep understanding of the role of real estate in a diversified portfolio. As a fee-only fiduciary, we will never compel clients to sell if we believe their overall asset mix is appropriate.

Fiduciary Partnership

With Lifeguard Wealth, you will benefit from a true fiduciary partner that will always act in your best interests. We do not sell securities, insurance policies, real estate or any other product to or on behalf of Lifeguard Wealth clients. Our focus is solely on helping you live your best life.