Charitable Planning

Philanthropic Advising

Your desire to give generously is an inspiration. As we respect and honor your charitable intent, we work with you to develop a Life Plan that keeps all your values in balance. Together, we’ll help you sustain your wealth so you can make the greatest possible philanthropic impact.

Values Analysis

How much should you give, and to which causes?

Philanthropy is most meaningful to you when it’s driven by the values you hold most dear. Our discussion about charitable planning begins with prioritizing your philanthropic goals around the causes you’re most passionate about.

Asset Analysis

What are the tax implications of your giving today?

There are often ways to give as much or more to the causes you care about while improving tax efficiency. We analyze the tax implications of your gifts of cash, appreciated securities or other assets—such as real estate—to determine the optimal charitable gift.

Giving Structure

What is the best method for your giving?

The giving structure you use should be aligned with your priorities around tax efficiency, control, and maximizing your impact. It may be advantageous to filter your gifts through a funding mechanism.

If philanthropy makes sense for you, we will help you create your Donor Advised Fund so you can fully pursue your charitable pursuits and in a tax-smart and efficient way.

Go ahead and give generously. Your Financial Lifeguard has your back.

Lifeguard Wealth understands that a good Life Plan is based on your values, and therefore honors your philanthropic spirit. Your best life is one of generosity, impact and legacy. We’re here to make sure you live it to the fullest.