Wealth Management

Your unique vision drives the goals for every service Lifeguard Wealth offers.

We help you create that vision. Then, as a true fiduciary partner, we focus solely on applying our expertise in wealth management to support your journey toward living your best life.

Imagine for a moment there are no obstacles to achieving your goals.

We begin by asking questions to determine what you value most in your life, where your priorities lie, and what you want to see happen in your life. Once your vision is in sight, we identify your obstacles—then set to work overcoming them. That’s the EVOKE process.

Your wealth is the foundation.

As your Financial Lifeguard, we provide these services in the interest of building, protecting, and utilizing wealth to make your Life Plan possible.

  Wealth Enhancement

Building wealth is an essential part of executing your long-term goals for financial stability and retirement.

We apply over 50 years of financial planning experience, peer-reviewed market research and an evidence-based approach to create a cost-effective and tax-efficient investment strategy customized for your Life Plan.

  Wealth Protection

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure—ask anyone without sufficient insurance coverage when they need it most.

We take a close look at your coverage to make sure you’re as prepared as possible for events that could threaten your financial health. As your fiduciary partner, Lifeguard Wealth provides advice and oversight only. We do not sell insurance policies. Our interest is solely in safeguarding your Life Plan.

  Wealth Transfer

Any thorough Life Plan takes into account your wishes in the event of your death, or if you are incapacited.

Who will control your wealth? How will it be distributed? How might you ease your family’s burden of dealing with your estate? We help you think through these important questions. As your fiduciary partner, Lifeguard Wealth helps you put a plan in place with Everplans, and we connect you with experienced estate planning attorneys and other service providers to create or update your estate plan.

  Charitable Planning

Do you have a philanthropic spirit? Let’s nourish it.

Part of your Life Plan may involve making an impact on the world while you’re here and leaving behind a powerful legacy after you have passed on. Charitable giving can be rewarding, but it also must be carefully planned to maintain overall financial health and take full advantage of legitimate tax saving strategies. We will help you ensure your philanthropy is properly balanced with all other goals in your Life Plan.