Second Opinion Service

Are you ready for a Second Opinion on your financial game plan?

Signal S.O.S.!

If your doctor recommended major surgery, you’d want a second opinion.
Take advantage of our Second Opinion Service (S.O.S.), a no cost or obligation two meeting in depth review including recommendations on how best to move forward to achieve all that is most important to you.

Following the S.O.S. process, one of three things will happen:


We’ll confirm your finances are aligned with your goals.

You may wish to retain your current advisor or self-managed approach as part of your Life Plan.


We’ll find you could benefit from other resources.

In that case, we will provide the appropriate referrals to help you fulfill your Life Plan.


We’ll see how Lifeguard Wealth can help you.

We will then proceed with designing your Life Plan, overcoming obstacles and bringing your dreams to life!

Money isn’t the goal. It’s fuel for your fire.

You’re a person, not a portfolio.

That’s why it’s our pleasure to take you through the EVOKE process. It’s about lighting a torch so you can see your way forward. Only by that guiding light can we make financial decisions that are truly meaningful to you, enabling you to live your best life.