Life Planning

The Life Planning Process

Your unique vision of your best life drives everything that comes next.

Lifeguard Wealth’s EVOKE process is designed to help you set your sights on what you desire most. Experience the freedom to dream. Then, let’s work together to make it a reality.

It begins with a series of potentially life-changing initial meetings.

Initial Meetings


In this introductory meeting to the Life Planning process, we will dig into what you truly want out of life.


You’ll work with us to prioritize your goals, bringing them to life, and painting the picture of your life as you want it to be.


We’ll help you identify what could possibly get in the way of you living your life to the fullest, then begin tackling your obstacles together, head on.

Ongoing Partnership

Knowledge and Execution

Lifeguard Wealth will apply our knowledge and experience to align your finances with your life goals. Then, we will work together to execute your Life Plan…
and bring your vision to life!

Money isn’t the goal. It’s fuel for your fire.

You’re a person, not a portfolio.

That’s why it’s our pleasure to take you through the EVOKE process. It’s about lighting a torch so you can see your way forward. Only by that guiding light can we make financial decisions that are truly meaningful to you, enabling you to live your best life.