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Are Corporate Bonds Worth the Risk? Thumbnail

Are Corporate Bonds Worth the Risk?

It’s important that investors understand all risky assets can experience long periods of underperformance. My favorite example that makes this point is that, for a 40-year period, the S&P 500 Index returned 9%, and so did 20-year Treasury bonds.

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The Sky Isn’t Falling Thumbnail

The Sky Isn’t Falling

From an emotional perspective, steep market declines are difficult to deal with, as we tend to feel the pain of a loss twice as much as we feel the joy from an equal-sized gain (the ratio increases with the size of the investment).

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Examining Bond Premiums Thumbnail

Examining Bond Premiums

In my previous blog, we looked at the size and volatility of the three equity premiums of beta, size and value. Today we turn our attention to the two premiums that help explain the performance of bond portfolios, term and credit.

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