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Evidence-Based Investing

Redirect Your Investing

If you are like most investors, your investment experience has long been a matter of trying one technique after another, without ever truly buying into any of them. The unfortunate results: Investors end up sacrificing untold available returns in the very act of hyperactively chasing after them.

At Lifeguard Wealth, we’ll redirect what you’re about with your investments by introducing you to evidence-based investing.

What is Evidence-Based Investing?

While Wall Street and the majority of advisory firms continue to focus on chasing the recent top-performing stocks or money managers, we construct portfolios based on years of peer-reviewed academic evidence, instead of the latest investment fads. Employing low-cost globally diversified mutual funds managed according to this evidence, we maximize your opportunity to efficiently capture the market’s expected returns while managing its related risks. The results include smoother return consistency, lower investment costs and improved tax efficiency.

Please find the diagram for a visual explanation of Evidence Based Investing from our friends at Mineral and Wendy J Cook Communications.

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