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Guiding You to Financial Freedom

You Are Not Your Money (But You’re Related)

YOU … You are likely a pre-retiree professional, such as an attorney, tech industry executive or business owner. You’re also the sum total of everything that makes you tick: your satisfying, sometimes challenging career; the family you return home to every day; the community you’re engaged in; your most inspiring personal interests and activities.

YOUR MONEY … Sometimes, you wonder about it. Are you investing it wisely? How will you know when you have enough to retire? What if life throws you curveballs – are you ready for them? You’re charitably minded, but how does that translate into effective giving? What would happen to your family if you died?

YOU AND YOUR MONEY … Every day, in the Bay area and beyond, we consider these sorts of money-related topics with our clients. We’ll help you connect your wealth to everything related to your home, work, community, family and personal interests.

Let's Get Together and Talk about YOU. 

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