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Lifeguard Wealth: What’s in Our Name?

In his youth, founder Joe Delaney was a lifeguard on the Southern California Coast. Not the Hollywood stereotype, mind you, but the real-life kind: calm, vigilant, quietly there, so others can more safely enjoy their days at the beach.

We are your Financial Lifeguard. We remain committed to these timeless qualities today, as we help our clients explore, discover and savor their life’s greatest pursuits. For the entirety of your wealth, we’re looking out for you: watching for riptides of risk; scanning the horizon ahead of you; stepping in if you get in over your head. Practically speaking, this means we are:

  1. In a fiduciary relationship with our clients – We prioritize our clients’ highest financial interests, even ahead of our own.
  2. Fee-only with transparent pricing – We offer solid advice for a reasonable fee. Enhancing our client-centric, fiduciary focus, this is our sole source of compensation.
  3. Evidence-based – Our investment advice is guided by rigorously reviewed academic evidence (instead of the usual emotional and behaviorally biased “hunches” and prognostications).
  4. Informed – We cultivate a culture steeped in experience, learning and collaborative consultation. There’s always more to know! 
  5. ProfessionalOur careers are not just our jobs. We love having the chance to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Whether or not we’re the perfect fit for you, we recommend seeking these same qualities in any wealth advisor with whom you do business. (PS: They don’t necessarily have to be a real lifeguard!)

Protecting your Financial Future.