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Your Financial Future

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Your Financial Future

At Lifeguard Wealth, we focus on YOU: planning the broad views and deep details that shape your financial interests, managing life’s inevitable ebbs and flows, protecting your wellspring of wealth.

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Your Financial Lifeguard

As your Financial Lifeguard, we’ve got your back. Our practiced training, first-responder mindset, and fee-only, fiduciary relationship enhance your ability to thrive in financial security and independence.

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Offering Straight Advice

Plain and simple. We tell it like it is to successful attorneys, business owners and other professionals in the Bay Area and beyond, equipping you and your family to take on life’s calculated risks as you pursue your greatest goals.

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Lifeguard Wealth Articles

The Lifeguard Wealth team enjoys writing and educating clients about a whole host of topics ranging from the traditional to the unexpected. Please feel to peruse about and let us know what you think.

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Introduction to Lifeguard Wealth